Thank you so much for your generosity!

Caton’s Island is focused on providing a fun, safe, amazing experience that has one purpose, to show the love of Christ to everyone who attends. When you give to Caton’s, as a one-time gift or a monthly reoccurring gift, you are supporting facility upgrades, maintenance, and overall camp operations. Your gift provides a life-changing experience to campers and staff that attend each year, making your donation a greater impact than you will ever know! All donations go to general operations unless stated. If you wish to give to a specific project just let us know when making a donation.

Camper Sponsorship

Not everyone can afford the full price of camp. While we make every effort to keep our prices as low as possible, there are numerous cost associated with running a camp. Generous donations  allow us to operate a sponsorship program that helps ensure that campers who need financial assistance get it.


The share wage program is essential to ensuring that full-time staff receive fair compensation for their time invested.

Dining Hall Generator

The 60 KW generator will be used to power the dining hall during power outages. This will ensure that camp continues to operate, even during a power outage.

Staff Dorm Roof

The asphalt shingles on the staff dorm have aged out and the dorm is starting to leak. They will be replaced with a red metal roof, consistent with the rest of the buildings on our campus.

The Lodge

The lodge will provide 12 rooms for housing full time staff, weekly volunteers and guests. This building allows us to engage more adult volunteers by providing them  accommodations for their stay. Completion of this building is necessary for us to function at the level required to meet our increased demand.

Water Relay Station

This building is necessary to upgrade and replace the current water system housed in the basement of the main house. The main house will be removed in the next year or so to make way for the new administration building. Having an upgraded water system in its own building will increase the efficiency of our water system.

Admin Building

This building will replace the current main house. The primary purpose of this building is reception, office space and the medic station. It will also include staff housing upstairs.