Camp Schedule

Kids Camps


Date: August 6-9
Age: 5 to 7
Cost: $255
Limit: 70 Campers

This exciting camp is designed for younger and first time campers. We want kids to have a great “first time” experience at camp. Lots of personal attention and a relaxed schedule with plenty of rest time is sure to meet the needs of this younger age group.


Date: August 6-9
Age: 8 to 9
Cost: $255
Limit: 70 Campers

Looking for a week of adventure, excitement and good old- fashioned fun? Look no further than Discovery, a week where we introduce you to all things camp! Participate in cool activities like rock climbing, archery, water toys and zip-line! Gather around a crackling fire under the stars to sing crazy camp songs! You’ll make new friends, new memories and discover how awesome camp can be!

Boys Adventure

Date: July 28-August 2
Age: 9 to 12
Cost: $405 (Boys Only)
Limit: 90 Campers

An all boys camp at Caton’s doing the adventure thing boys love to do!  Campfires, sleeping out under the stars, big games and lean-to building are just some of the wild and awesome outdoor activities that you get to choose from. Enjoy the freedom of being a boy in the great outdoors and experience all that Caton’s has to offer. From the climbing wall and zip line to the water trampoline and everything in between, you choose your activities to make the week of camp what you want it to be! How cool is that? 

Girls Adventure

Date: August 11-16
Age: 9 to 12
Cost: $405 (Girls Only)
Limit: 100 campers

An all girls camp packed full of adventure, fun and lasting memories! From campfires on the beach to aquasize, a special banquet and everything in between, this week will bring new meaning to Adventure! Customize your week by choosing what activities YOU want to do each day!  Feel like rock climbing? How about a canoe ride? Try your hand at our archery range our cool off on the water trampoline. The possibilities are endless! Adventure is waiting!

Island Adventure

Camp 1: July 2-5
Camp 2: July 28-August 2
Camp 3: August 11-16
Age: 8 to 11
Cost: $405
Limit: 90 Campers

You’ll have an awesome time at this camp created especially for you and your friends. Don’t miss out on the action and adventure! Big games, evening campfire, fun-filled activities… the list goes on! We hope to see you there!

Day Camp

Dates: July 8-12
Age: 6 to 10
Cost: $215/week or $45/day
Limit: 30 Campers

A day camp providing the opportunity to participate in a variety of cooperative games and activities in a fun and safe environment! This day camp gives campers the opportunity to experience all that Caton’s has to offer. Lunch and a morning snack are provided. If you want a little extra snack, bring some money for our canteen!

Campers attending Island Day Camp must be dropped off and picked up at the Caton’s Island landing each day.

For more information, please call the camp office at (506) 468-6262 or email us at

Teen Camps

Jr. Teen Camp

Date: July 14-19
Age: 12 to 14
Cost: $415
Limit: 140 campers

Come join us for an exciting youth camp just for jr teens! Great music, challenging speakers, and lots of fun!!!

Don’t miss this BIG EVENT.

Teen Camp

Date: August 18-23
Age: 13 to 17
Cost: $415
Limit: 180 campers

This week is a week like no other. We pull out all the stops for this camp with awesome music, speakers, and island wide games that are so much fun you just have to take our word for it and experience it. And don’t forget about all the activities! (zip-line, water toys, rock climbing, just to name a few!) We hope you’ll join us for a week that will make memories for years to come!


Date: July 21-26
Age: 14-16
Cost: $415
Limit: 20 Campers

Caton’s Island is excited to offer this camp which is designed to develop teen boys as they mature into men. As a Christian summer camp, we are looking forward to this opportunity for character development through adventure. The traits of virtue and valour are at the core of this curriculum. We believe that learning about courage, honour, integrity, respect, responsibility, compassion, dignity, kindness, loyalty, perseverance, self-discipline, and gratitude will strengthen the character of our campers.

Please note: campers will be tenting in provided tents and cooking some of their own meals over a fire together for this camp.

Family Camps

Family Camp

Family Camp One: June 28 to July 1
Family Camp Two: August 2 to 5
Age: All Ages
$455 / cabin or Beulah Housing
$425 / tent

Spend a relaxing, inexpensive weekend with your family enjoying the warm atmosphere and fun activities at Caton’s Island. Bring the whole family and make some incredible memories.

Note: Space is limited. The wait list usually begins in March. We encourage families to double bunk in the cabins with other families that they know are coming and would feel comfortable doing this with. Tent sites and accommodations at Beulah Camp are available as well.

All meals, activities and accommodations are included at one low price.

Please note: The prices listed above are per household. If you wish to add a person on your registration who is not a part of your household, please contact us at


Date: September 13-14
Age: 14+
Cost: $120

Resolute is a men’s weekend for you to be encouraged, get out in nature, build friendships, and take part in activities. Some of the events include:

  • Skeet shooting
  • Zipline
  • Chapel Service
  • BBQ Brisket
  • and more!

Training Camp

CIT Weekend

Date: June 7-9
Age: 14+
Cost: $90

This is a training weekend for teens who are wanting to work at Caton’s Island for the summer. To attend this camp you must apply at first before registering for this training weekend.