Campers are not permitted to smoke at camp. Please do not send or encourage campers to bring cigarettes to camp. The camp must be informed about campers with a nicotine habit.

Electronics and Cell Phones

Caton’s Island adheres to a strict no cell phone/electronics policy for campers. Caton’s believes that the camp experience is a way of stepping outside the rhythm and routine of everyday life into an engaging week which helps to shape the campers independence and problem solving abilities. The camp atmosphere encourages campers to step outside of

General Rules

Cooperation with and respect for those in authority is expected and required. Leave cell phones, ipads, ipods, electronic games, etc. and bad attitudes at home. Camper's are expected to behave in a safe and non-aggressive manner. Camper's are not allowed in restricted areas. (Staff housing areas, pastures, etc.) Proper footwear and clothing required while participating

Camper Conduct

If a camper's conduct or management becomes dangerous to themselves or to others we will: manage the situation to the best of our ability given the staff and resources; contact the parents or emergency contact person for guidance and to inform of action taken. Unresolvable problems rarely occur at camp but when all other plans