Measles Policy

Caton’s Island is committed to ensuring the health and safety of all campers / registrants. The recent public health situation involving multiple confirmed cases of the measles within New Brunswick has prompted Caton’s Island to implement the following policy: Campers who have had or have been in contact with the measles in the past 21

Health Care / Medications

Caton’s Island has a medic or nurse on staff at each camp. Ambulance service is less than 15 minutes away in case of an emergency. This medic or nurse will collect and dispense medications that campers are taking. Campers are required to discuss a medical questionare upon arrival. "Yes" answers to any of the questions will then be

Head Lice

 All campers will be checked on registration day for head lice. In the event we discover lice/nits the camper will have to return home. Due to the difficult nature of removing lice/nits, the camper may not return to camp that week, however, a refund or rescheduling the camper for another week will occur. It is

Visitor Policy

Due to a high volume of visitors over the course of the summer, Caton’s Island has developed a Visitor Policy in order to ensure the safety of our campers. A visitor can be defined as anyone on the island who is neither a staff member nor a camper, at the specific time that they are

Discipline Policy

Campers will get up to three warnings for misconduct. As well, privileges may be lost (ie: canteen). The second warning will include a phone call home. The third warning may result in early dismissal. Campers dismissed from camp will NOT receive a refund.

Discrimination Policy

Caton’s Island accepts all who apply, without discrimination, regardless of race, national origin, or religious belief. The Wesleyan Church believes that Christians ought to manifest social concern in every manner that is in keeping with their Christian testimony. (The Wesleyan Church Discipline, 2016, 410.1)

Laundry Policy

Laundry is done on an as needed basis. This means that campers can be expected to return home with dirty clothes. Caton’s Island will arrange for significantly soiled items to be laundered as best we can. However, clothing that becomes soiled within the 24 hours prior to pick-up may not be washed, due to time

Lost Clothing / Belongings

Caton’s Island is not responsible for lost or stolen clothing or belongings at camp. Caton’s Island promotes tidiness in the living quarters and encourages campers to take responsibility for their personal belongings. To further reduce the risk of misplaced belongings, please label all belongings with name tags or permanent marker that clearly identifies the owner.

Food Services / Allergies / Special Diets

Food at camp is specially prepared with nutrition in mind. We also know that a lot of energy is used up at camp playing sports and games, so we make sure there's always plenty to eat in a variety of food servings that will replenish much needed energy. We are sensitive to the allergies of

Parental Visits / Phone Calls

Parents may visit camp on arrival and departure day. Visitations during camp session are discouraged to help avoid homesickness and disruption of camp routine. If a visit is absolutely necessary, please call the camp office in advance. The phones are used for business and emergency purposes. We discourage campers calling home and allow this only