Due to a high volume of visitors over the course of the summer, Caton’s Island has developed a Visitor Policy in order to ensure the safety of our campers. A visitor can be defined as anyone on the island who is neither a staff member nor a camper, at the specific time that they are here.

Each visitor must follow these steps:

  1. Upon arrival at the mainland parking lot, visitors may call the office to ask for transportation to the Island via the Caton’s boat. If you want you use your cell phone to call, you can reach the main office at 1-506-468-6262.
  2. All visitors must report to the main office and sign-in. They must state the purpose of their visit and let the administration staff know how long they intend to remain on the camp grounds.

  3. When departing all visitors must again report to the main office and sign the sign-out sheet. From there, the administration staff will contact a boat driver who will then take the visitor(s) back to the landing.

    As mentioned in the Visitor Policy, anyone failing to report to the main office upon arrival on Caton’s Island may be asked to leave. An unauthorized person could impose danger on our campers and therefore we must treat the situation seriously. Upon realization of an unauthorized person, staff will sound the alarm bell and all campers will assemble to the previously determined meeting place. The Camp Director will be informed of such unauthorized persons and will determine the appropriate steps of action to take from asking such person to leave the island or calling the appropriate authorities.