Caton’s Island has a medic or nurse on staff at each camp. Ambulance service is less than 15 minutes away in case of an emergency. This medic or nurse will collect and dispense medications that campers are taking. Campers are required to discuss a medical questionare upon arrival. “Yes” answers to any of the questions will then be discussed with the camp medic for consideration. Campers with severe flues, or an active communicable disease that cannot be managed at camp will be sent home.

Make sure to carefully consider the amount of medication sent for the number of days the camper will be at camp. Send a more than adequate supply of all necessary medications. The medications must be sent in the originally labeled container from the pharmacy. These labels should include strength, dosage, instructions and doctor’s name. It is always helpful to send written instructions for the medic. These medications will be kept under lock and key in the camp infirmary and distributed by the camp medic when necessary. The infirmary always has over the counter items such as headache and nausea medication, bandages etc.